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TT DSTTi Setup

Below will instruct you on how to set up genuine TT (top toy) card and TTi card, not those fake TTi cards on the market.

TT & TTi cards are originally made from www.ndstt.com, but there still are clone TTi cards which get users confused. You can run check program to distinguish them. How ?

Before that, you should set up TTi card firstly.

Set Up TT TTi Cards

1, Install Official Kernel

DSTT Team collapsed years ago, and ndstt.com has ceased its official kernel update ever since Jan 2009, leaving TTMenu Kernel V1.17 available to download.

Official kernel V1.17 is still important as users need it to run genuine or fake check program, and firmware upgrade is also based on this official V1.17.

Download TTMenu Kernel V1.17 (ttmenu_en.zip) from page http://www.ndstt.net/download.html to your computer, decompress and extract this rar file with tool WinRar, find and get 3 items including TTMenu folder, TTMENU.SYS and TTMENU.DAT. Copy and paste them into the root directory of your memory card. Now, you can plug and play the saved old DS games.


2, Genuine or Fake Check

After installing official TTMenu V1.17, you can now check whether your DSTTi is genuine or fake.

Download TTi_141_Check v3.0 from page http://www.ndstt.net/download.html, extract TTi_141_Check_v3.0.zip and get TTi_141_Check_v3.0.nds pasted to the same place where TTMenu kernel stored on memory card. Now run this patch on your console and it will report back.


3, Install Non-official Kernel

Thanks to RetroGameFan, non-official TT/TTi kernel update continues, which supports most DS games, new or old.

Download latest DSTT_DSTTi TTMenu V6.96.rar to computer, extract this rar file with tool WinRar, copy and paste TTMenu folder, TTMenu.dat and MSFORSC.nds to root directory of memory card. Now you can plug and play most DS games stored in your memory card.


4, Firmware Upgrade

There is no firmware upgrade for TT card, and all TTi cards on sale are compatible with 3DS XL/3DS up to Ver 2.1.0-4, DSi XL/DSi up to Ver 1.4.3. There is no further patch released up to now. Namely, if your console system version is higher, do not buy this DSTTi card.

If you need update guide, you can refer to this Youtube video.

If you have any questions about using TT / TTi cards, email us through Contact Us Form.