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R4i SDHC 1.4.X

This R4i SDHC adapter is made from www.r4i-sdhc.com, supports all micro SDHC/SD memory cards on DSi XL, DSi, DS Lite and DS Phat. Currently it is R4i SDHC V1.4.5.

R4I-SDHC.COM updates its R4i kernel every month for this R4i SDHC 1.4.5 card. In addition, users can install additional non-official Retrogamefan kernel for it.

Set Up R4i SDHC

1. With R4i SDHC Official Kernel Only

Download latest official R4i V1.7xb.zip from page http://www.r4i-sdhc.com/downloade.asp, installation process can follow the guide for R4 SDHC. There is only kernel difference between them.


2. Additional Non-official Kernel Patch

This non-official Retrogamefan kernel patch R4-SDHC_R4i-SDHC TTMenu V6.9x.rar can be used for R4 SDHC, R4i SDHC V1.4.X, R4i SDHC 3DS , RTS R4i SDHC 3DS at the same time, differing with their repective official kernel. Namely, you can install it following the R4 SDHC Guide too.

3. Firmware Upgrade

R4i SDHC V1.4.5 is of different IC design from old R4i SDHC V1.4.X, and this new R4i V1.4.5 is compatible with DSi XL / DSi system versions 1.4.5, 1.4.4, 1.4.3, 1.4.2, 1.4.1, 1.4 and 1.3 (A/E/U/J/K), no need to do further firmware update.

We do recommend you not to update your console system before having your R4i card updgraded if DSi 1.4.6 or 1.4.7 system available.

-- My DSi (XL) has been updated into Ver 1.4.5 accecidently, what can I do now ? Can I use other firmware patch to get my R4i SDHC V1.4.X updated ?

-- Currently there is no such patch for R4i SDHC V1.4.X (except R4i SDHC V1.4.5), and we need to wait for official release from www.r4i-sdhc.com. 

Want to update your R4i SDHC 1.4.5 for 3DS XL/3DS ? You can read this update article.

If you have any questions about using R4i SDHC card, email us through Contact Us Form.