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Acekard 2i Setup

Blow will guide you on how to set up your Acekard 2i / Acekard 2 cards. In addition, firmware upgrade is required if your console blocks your AK2i.

And this instruction is only for genuine Acekard 2i / Acekard 2 cards, you can verify your AK2i here if needed.

Set Up Acekard 2i

1, Install AKAIO kernel

AK2i and AK2 share the same kernel.

Download latest AKAIO 1.9.x.rar kernel to your computer, extract this rar file with tool WinRar, find and get 2 items including __aio folder and akmenu4.nds pasted to the root directory of your memory card, now you can plug and play your DS games stored.


2, Firmware Upgrade

Currently acekard.com has only released its official firmware patches with highest compatibility for 3DS XL / 3DS system V4.3.0-10, and it becomes harder for Acekard card to update firmware as 3DS V4.5.0-10 not only detect save IC, but also seal all Demo Games. You know, AK2i will not change its hardware design like other R4 flashcarts did.

N3DSCART.COM will have every AK2i card firmware updated before shipping out to make sure it is compatible up to 3DS V4.3 and DSi 1.44 via beta firmware patch. If your 3DS is in V4.4.0-10, you may try boot AK2i via action replay to play DS games.

If firmware patch available, how to do update then ?

Download that latest firmware patch to computer, extract and get two xxx.nds files and one readme.txt, you can follow the readme.txt to get your AK2i firmware upgraded.

If you have any questions about using AK2i / AK2 cards, email us through Contact Us Form.