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3DS Card

Yes, you are searching a 3DS card which supports 3DS mode gaming. Unfortunately, there are only three cards, GW3DS, 3DSLink, 3D R4I GOLD 3DS supporting 3DS ROMs which sells at high price, and there is no homebrew for 3DS cards.

1, Then why are there so many 3DS cards on sale ?

- The truth is most these flashcarts are running only DS games on 3DS / 3DS XL consoles, not 3DS ROMs instead. (Note: Cyclo iEvolution supports DSi gaming on 3DS)

2, Is there any progress of 3DS homebrew exploit ?

- If possible, keep our eyes on 3DSaveTool , DSaveManager, 3DBrew and Crown3ds.

3, Which DS mode 3DS card is recommended for 3DS / 3DS XL ?

- Please refer to our guide - Buy Right Card.

- Play 3DS games/3D ROMs - Latest gateway 3ds, 3DSLink, 3D R4I GOLD 3DS, MT-card.