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RTS R4i Gold 3DS Card Released

Posted on 26th Feb 2013 @ 10:20 PM

Nintendo 3DS (XL) system Ver 4.5.0-10 detects flashcart Save IC chip you are using, consequently its higher 3DS system will block most flashcarts on Market. If not change flashcart save IC chip, the only way left to boot flashcart on 3DS is firmware written into another DEMO game icon, which has been used up for most flashcarts.

Now you may understand why r4ids.cn has released R4i Gold 3DS with varied chip versions, and then there still is no firmware patch for some old R4i Gold chips.

For this new RTS R4i Gold 3DS, RTS features are added with control IC chip changed. And Save IC is also to be revised for this R4i RTS card, we believe.


Recommendation: Do NOT update your 3DS system unless you have confirmed your flashcart works under new console system.

Edition update on Mar 4th, 2013 - We received this RTS version and found no IC chip change to former R4i Gold 3DS.