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Wood R4 DS

R4 DS card, originally made from www.r4ds.com, supports official Kernel V1.18, latest Wood R4 Kernel and homebrew loader R4DS YSMenu. With this R4 DS chip, children can play the latest downloaded DS games, listen to mp3 music, watch dpg movies saved on their 2GB micro SD cards.

To be the easiest enjoyment, you need ...

  • R4 DS card - An adapter between games and DS console
  • 2GB memory card - to store driven software kernel and downloaded ds games/music/movie
  • DS Phat / DS Lite console
  • R4DS Card PreInstall Kernel 2GB Memory
    €16.93 R4DS Card PreInstall Kernel 2GB Memory
    This combo can only be used for Nintendo DS Lite / Phat. Customer can ask N3DSCART to pre-install driven software - wood kernel into 2GB memory card, the only one thing you need to do is to install DS games into memory card...

  • Wood R4 DS Card for DS Phat DS Lite
    €6.18 Choose Options Wood R4 DS Card for DS Phat DS Lite
    R4 DS card, revolution for DS, is an old slot 1 cartridage for DS phat and DS Lite. There are three driven software for this R4 chip - Official kernel V1.18, Wood Kernel and R4 YSMenu homebrew. Official R4 DS kernel has not...